Blythe 14mm chips CL_13

Yumi Camui

Custom made Blythe eye chips by Yumi Camui. The chips are made from REAL glass, not resin or acrylic plastic, for ultimate transparency and shine. The chips are 14mm and are perfect fit for a Blythe (in some cases some glue may be required to hold the chips in place more securely). Just like in real life, each eye in the pair has a slightly different unique pattern so the eyes will never look cloned. The pictures have an extremely high resolution of 1400 DPI with no pixelization visible even at extreme closeups.

Image effects:

You can choose between 4 different effects:

Metallic - beautiful metallic glow which gives the eyes depth and shine. This is my most popular option.

Rainbow Shine - stunning rainbow glow effect which is hard to show on the photos but it looks amazing in real life similar to the colorful shine of a DVD disk. Please note that the micro honeycomb pattern that gives this effect is visible on the closeups, it is not pixelization of the image.

Chrome - maximum shine and light reflection, similar to metal foil.

Plain - no shine effect, gives maximum image contrast. Great for realistic eyes.

Color: Multicolor

Collection: CGI