Custom colors OOAK eye chips for Blythe

Yumi Camui
Here you can order any custom colors for my existing designs.
If you have a clear vision of what you're after and can provide a photoshop mock-up or a photo of the required colors please choose the "I trust you" option. If you're picky and will require a few back and forth drafts please choose "I'm picky" option.

You can choose between 4 different effects:

Metallic - beautiful metallic glow which gives the eyes depth and shine. This is my most popular option.

Rainbow Shine - stunning rainbow glow effect which is hard to show on the photos but it looks amazing in real life similar to the colorful shine of a DVD disk. Please note that the micro honeycomb pattern that gives this effect is visible on the closeups, it is not pixelization of the image.

Chrome - maximum shine and light reflection, similar to metal foil.

Plain - no shine effect, gives maximum image contrast. Great for realistic eyes.

Collection: CUSTOM